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Sample Poem: Silhouettes

“WILD MERCY is nature and family
a dovetail of relationships that 
merge and separate: girlhood to parenthood, to the frailties of age, 
and hospital rooms. Emerson's poetry awakens our memories of family, experience, loss. The first horse ride, 
a late pregnancy, an old barn, a river 
and a dance with I.V. in tow. Liberally sprinkled with unexpected images, 
these are lovely poems to savor and 
then read again.”


CB Follett   
author of And Freddie Was My Darling

Sample Poem: The Train to Bath

"In Body Rhymes, Donna Emerson 
offers us her marvelous gift for litany, 
her love of imagery, and a humor 
that’s always pierced by the sharpest 
arrow of tenderness. Deeply felt, 
the twenty poems of this debut 
collection range across a spectrum 
of wide experience and connection—daughter, lover, mother, counselor, 
teacher, and poet. Body Rhymes distinguishes itself by its fierce loyalty 
to this difficult world, by its compassion,
 and its keen eye for the truth."

Lynn Lyman Trombetta, author of Falling World  

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Sample Poem: ?

"Emerson invites the reader to see, 
as if for the first time, what is 
extraordinary even in the most 
familiar. She also listens, deeply and 
intently, to her subject, whether it is 
a landscape, a memory, or one of 
those unforgettable souls she has counseled, struggling to reconcile themselves with mortality. 
And it is with a listening heart that the 
reader feels with her a wonder at the 
courage she has witnessed, and 
inspiration at the truth she captures."

Terry Ehret, author of Translations from the Human Language